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I first met Carleen about 15 years ago when she was working as a physical therapist in Prospect, CT. Within a few minutes of meeting her I knew she was someone very special. She solved my frozen shoulder problem within a short period of time. This spring I needed PT for a different problem and searched high and low to find Carleen. Fortunately, I located her in Bristol and immediately set up an appointment. I have never had such success working with any other physical therapist or chiropractor. Carleen is a highly professional, intuitive, warm, and brilliant woman. She has perfected her techniques, but always includes YOUR reactions to them while working on you.

I can honestly say that I look forward to every appointment with her as it is such a pleasure to be with such a gifted therapist. She is, quite simply, the best!

Plainville, CT


I just wanted to rave about Carleen, as all of her patients have. I have fibromyalgia, low back pain (previous “slipped disc” at L5-S1 and arthritis)and arthritis in my feet (very severe arthritis in my feet). Carleen has taught me so much SELF CARE in addition to her “magic hands” …..I would NEVER go back to JUST the “traditional” physical therapy. her hands on approach beats ANY OTHER PT I have ever had (I’ve had QUITE a bit!!)

So, Carleen is NOT just a physical therapist. She is a HEALER. She treats your body holistically and with such CARING…. she goes the extra mile (or two) and you can always expect her COMPLETE attention when she is treating you. I love the ONE ON ONE ….other therapists many times try to treat several people at once, and you do not get the one on one!!

You will NOT make a mistake coming here, and you will be surprised at the differences from the “same old, same old”. THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME for any pain treatment along with your MD treatment. You are a person here, and not just one of many!!!

Love you all! Great staff and GREAT treatment. I promise you won’t go back to the old “traditional” type of treatment!!!

Bristol, CT


I am a physical therapist that specializes in treating the AgingAdult/Geriatric patient and Carleen’s post professional courses have been fantastic! She has helped to advance my professional skill level and my patients have benefitted greatly from the techniques and tips I have acquired from Carleen. From manual therapy, to stretching, to trunk strengthening…..it has all been beneficial and I haven’t stopped referring back to her course material. Looking forward to attending more courses!

Peabody, MA


I am a physical therapist in an outpatient University of Washington clinic. I attended Carleen’s Osteoporosis and Postural Change course last September. This course has been invaluable to me both as a clinician and clinical educator. I use Carleen’s material with all of my senior patients, and they love her handouts. We have updated our Osteoporosis clinical modules with her material and references which helps both Physical Therapists and PT students. This course was also helpful as a resource for preparing lectures to physicians. Overall, I highly endorse this course.

Seattle, WA


Carleen is the best physical therapist I have ever experienced. I never have to pre med before my visits because Carleen’s sessions are not painful. Carleen is a medical intuitive. She helps you be aware & articulate what is happening on all levels. She empowers me & I have such a sense of well being. I feel happy and float home.

New Britain, CT


Carleen is an extraordinarily gifted physical therapist.  She has a vast array of therpeutic techniques from which to draw, and does so with enormous skill and deep insight.  She has a keen understanding of the relationships between mind, body and spirit.  Her skillful and compassionate care has raised the quality of my life immeasurably and increased my ability to play my flute markedly.  Thanks to Carleen, I am significantly stronger, more flexible, and enjoy greater dexterity and breath control than ever before.

West Hartford, CT


Carleen’s expertise has greatly improved the quality of my life.  She has been able to make my work-outs safer and far more effective.  Her use of exercise, stretching, and manual therapy (muscle energy, massage, deep tissue work) has been the perfect combination to help me understand and get everything I can out of my body.

Maintenance Technician
Washington D.C.


Carleen is incredibly knowledgeable, and an amazingly talented physical therapist!  When I started coming to Carleen, I was having back problems due to years of over use and abuse.  After Carleen began working on me, I, fairly quickly regained the mobility I had lost.   I was able to maintain good use of my back for quite some time afterwards because of the back strengthening exercises she had taught me to do.  Somehow, over the years, I started thinking I didn’t need to do those exercises anymore, though, and after an injury to my rotator cuff, I began seeing Carleen on a regular basis again.  Carleen was (and is) an incredibly patient and talented therapist.  She was gentle with me, and even though I was embarrassed when she correctly identified that I was having reoccurring issues due to not doing my exercises, she was able to put me to ease and explain the issues and mechanics of my body so I could clearly see why I needed to be following her suggestions and re-patterning my body to do things – ordinary daily activities – differently or I would spend the rest of my life re-injuring myself and being limited in the activities which I enjoy and the activities I must be able to do for my work.

Domestic Services
Canaan, CT


Carleen was recommended to me by a friend when I began complaining of headaches and neck pain. Carleen bagan working on me, and I immediately noticed an improvement. After a few physical therapy sessions with Carleen, and doing the exercises that she recommended I’m back to 100%.

New London, CT

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