Osteoporosis and Postural Change

“Osteoporosis and Postural Change – Manual and Exercise Interventions”
Presented by: Carleen Lindsey, PT, MScAH, GCS, CEEAA

Course description:
This two day course is designed to give experienced therapists a practical approach to comprehensive mechanical problem solving, focusing on the kyphotic patient who presents with a forward head and protracted shoulder girdle.  The introductory lecture details the scientific basis for osteoporosis intervention.  Special emphasis throughout the course is put on developing the exercise prescription and manual interventions to promote mechanical wellness, optimal bone building and balanced health.  Lab sessions and demonstrations will feature flexible curve kypholordosis measurement, postural and resistance exercises, ADL as exercise, osteoporosis dances, selected soft tissue releases, PNF with deep tissue mobilization, thoracic muscle energy techniques, and manual therapy with contract/relax techniques.  Detailed video and slide case presentations, as well as class member examples will be utilized for specific clinical problem solving. The personal mechanical health of the individual participant will be addressed throughout the course. Patient case studies will assist the therapist in developing an overall comprehensive treatment approach by appropriately combining muscle energy techniques flexicurve analysis, and exercise programs.  This course has been designed for the therapist to immediately apply the information in the clinical setting to patients with kyphosis, osteoporosis and/or postural restrictions.  This is a clinically comprehensive “hands-on” workshop featuring osteopathic muscle energy techniques.

Course objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the current medical evidence regarding osteoporosis pathogenesis and associated medical treatment
  • Describe the scientific rationale for designing a weight bearing and postural enhancement exercise program for the osteoporosis and kyphosis patient
  • Understand the sequencing concept for evaluation and treatment of mechanical impairments focusing on muscle imbalance, spinal and peripheral mal-alignments, and gait dysfunction.
  • Utilize the flexicurve for accurate measurement of kypholordosis
  • Design biomechanically efficient exercise and ADL intervention programs in individual and class formats.
  • Learn and practice osteopathic thoracic muscle energy techniques best suited for treatment of the kyphotic patient.
  • Practice manual therapy soft tissue skills highlighting PNF with deep tissue mobilization, myofascial and tender point releases.
  • Integrate exercise and manual techniques with specific attention to posture and mechanics of the therapist as well as the patient.
  • Learn manual therapy with contract/relax for kyphosis/forward head correction
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