Patient Information

Carleen currently works in private practice at Canton Physical Therapy, LLC which is located at 141 Dowd Avenue, Canton CT 06019. Patients receive one-on-one 45 minute treatment directly from Carleen or her highly trained manual and exercise therapy PT colleagues.

Canton Physical Therapy, LLC also has excellent massage therapists on staff for patients who need (or simply enjoy) massage as an adjunct to their personal on-going health and wellness programs.

Please call (860) 693-6226 to schedule an appointment.

* Treatment is based in a very comfortable private room for individual soft tissue and postural work with Carleen. Patients also have access to the full gym at this location when appropriate for comprehensive treatment.To schedule Carleen Lindsey, PT, MScAH, GCS, CEEAA for a workshop or seminar please  CLICK HERE

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