Powerful Treatment for Fragile Patients – Muscle Energy & Soft Tissue Releases

An Intensive Lab course
Carleen Lindsey, PT, MScAH, GCS, CEEAA

This 20 hour course is designed to give experienced therapists immediately effective but appropriately gentle manual interventions for mechanically restricted fragile patients.  Movement limitations due to dysfunctional muscle barriers, pain-mediated trigger points or collagenous soft tissue restrictions will be addressed utilizing muscle energy treatment, strain-counter strain trigger point release, and soft tissue mobilization with contract/relax.  Assessment approaches for tissue flexibility and posture will be presented and practiced. Lab sessions and demonstrations will feature flexible curve kypholordosis measurement, muscle energy techniques and passive physiological intervertebral mobilization for spinal, rib, and SIJ dysfunctions, strain-counter strain (indirect) tender point releases, and contract-relax with joint or soft tissue mobilization for mechanical restrictions. Video and slide case presentations, as well as class member examples will be incorporated for specific clinical problem solving.  The personal mechanical health of the individual participant will be addressed throughout the course. Patient case studies will assist the therapist in developing an overall comprehensive treatment approach by integrating tissue and postural assessment, manual therapy techniques, and exercise.  Follow-up exercise for maintenance of therapeutic change will be presented in lab and ready for clinic hand-outs. This course has been designed for the therapist to immediately apply to orthopedically restricted geriatric and other fragile patients.  This is a clinically comprehensive “hands-on” workshop.


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